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Bidvise in Depth - Software for Auction Houses

Welcome to Bidvise, a one-stop solution for all your auction business needs. This product tour will lead you through the core features of Bidvise quickly. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions!

Running an auction house comes with a unique set of challenges - managing inventory, handling customer relationships, scheduling auctions, facilitating online bidding, and analyzing financial performance. But with Bidvise, these challenges become opportunities. Designed with the auction industry in mind, our platform amalgamates an intuitive user interface with potent functionality, making auction management a breeze..

  • Inventory Management Our inventory management system simplifies the process of cataloging, tracking, and managing auction items. Customizable fields and advanced search options enable easy organization and quick retrieval of items.
  • Client Relationship Management. Bidvise's CRM solution allows you to build and manage a comprehensive database of your clients' information, past purchases, and bidding histories.

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Your Own Auction Website

A robust online presence can bring your auction business to new heights. That's where Bidvise comes in. Our platform equips you with a user-friendly website builder, enabling you to create a professional and intuitive website effortlessly.

The choice is up to you and your team.

  • Premade Templates Created by expert designers, these templates cater to a variety of aesthetics, ensuring there's a perfect fit for your brand. Simply choose a template that resonates with your brand identity, and you're ready to start customizing.
  • HTML Editing For the tech-savvy, we offer the ability to dive into HTML editing, giving you the freedom to customize every detail of your website. This feature allows you to tweak the design elements, add custom code snippets, and truly make the website your own. And of course, our support team is always on standby to assist you.

Join the ranks of successful auction houses who have transformed their online presence with Bidvise. With our website builder, creating a professional and intuitive auction website has never been easier. Empower your auction business with Bidvise, and start building your dream website today!

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Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the core pillars of running an auction house. Bidvise transforms this complex process into a straightforward task with our innovative features. Utilize customizable fields to catalogue your items based on their unique attributes. Upload items in bulk to save time and effort.

Flexible Consignment Agreements

Our platform allows for flexible consignment agreements, adapting to the unique needs of your business. Whether you want to set conditions per seller or per lot, our system provides the customization you need. With Bidvise, your consignment agreements become adaptable tools that work in harmony with your business model.

Auction and E-commerce

Bidvise enables you to operate both an auction and e-commerce business from one catalog and website. Seamlessly switch between selling items in an auction and selling them directly through your e-commerce platform. With Bidvise, you gain the power to choose the best selling method for each item, enhancing your sales potential.

Advanced Cataloguing and Search

Bidvise's advanced cataloguing feature allows you to detail your items based on their unique attributes using customizable fields. Furthermore, our comprehensive search options make locating specific items a quick and simple task. Upload items in bulk, save valuable time, and keep your inventory well-organized with Bidvise.

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Auctions are a powerful selling method, but they aren't the only option. With Bidvise, you can sell directly to your customers via a user-friendly webshop, creating another revenue stream for your business.

List items for auction or direct sale on the same platform, ensuring consistent inventory tracking and simplifying the management process.

  • Real-Time Inventory Updates As soon as an item is sold via your e-commerce platform, the inventory is automatically updated, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling.
  • Flexible Sales Options Offering items for direct purchase in your webshop alongside your auction listings. This flexibility enhances the customer experience and expands your reach to a wider audience.
  • Streamlined Checkout Process A smooth checkout process is essential for converting customers in e-commerce. Bidvise ensures a seamless experience for your customers, from adding items to the cart to completing the payment.

Through Bidvise, you gain the ability to diversify your sales channels and cater to a wider customer base, all while managing your inventory efficiently and providing a superior customer experience. Embrace the power of e-commerce with Bidvise.

Getting Paid

Invoicing & Financial Reporting

Bidvise offers a flexible invoicing system, enabling you to create custom invoices that align with your brand identity. Our system also allows you to automate the invoice generation process, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Monitor incoming bids, completed sales, and outstanding payments all in real time. This up-to-the-minute financial information allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your business, making quick adjustments when necessary.

Provide a variety of payment options, accommodating the preferences of your customer base. Our secure payment processing system ensures transactions are completed smoothly and swiftly, enhancing your customers' experience and improving cash flow.