Software for Auction Houses

Bidvise is an end-to-end software solution for auction houses, art galleries and antique & speciality stores.

Everything your need

End-to-end platform

With Bidvise, you're not just getting an all-in-one software, but a comprehensive business solution. Our platform comes equipped with a fully-integrated website builder, CMS, and eCommerce tools, allowing you to showcase and sell your auction items directly from your website.

Experience real-time insights into your buyers, sellers, bids, payments and much more through our robust backoffice and CRM functionalities. All of this, 100% tailored to your branding.

Website for your business

Auction backoffice & CRM

100% your branding

Timed auctions & Live (online) auctions

Fully customizable

No coding required

Invoicing & payments

Marketing & growth tools

Why choose Bidvise?

Preferred by auction houses since 2019, Bidvise is your key to business growth and independence. Our comprehensive auction software solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems or operate as a standalone platform. We're committed to delivering an exceptional user experience for your team and clients alike.

Timed Online Bidding

Maximize your auction's reach and increase traffic with our easy-to-use timed auction management tools. Bidvise simplifies every step of your timed sales, from catalogue creation and image upload to the final hammer. With features like 'bid now', we guarantee an exciting experience for your bidders.

Live Stream Bidding

Offer your bidders the ultimate live auction experience, wherever they are, on any device, at any time. Bidvise's single sign-on solution ensures quick and straightforward approvals for your clients. Manage your entire auction from a single console with a customizable bidder view and sub-second webcast latency.

Auction Back Office

Running your auction business is a breeze with Bidvise. Our platform combines straightforward customer management tools, inventory management, lotting, and financials to provide a complete back-office solution.

Completely customisable with and without code.

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smart categorization

Describe objects in amazing detail

Order your catalog by artist, brand, period, theme, or anything that fits the items your presents. Allowing potential buyers to browse and search products and lots is a great experience for the user, and leads to higher sales overall.

Strong support

Innovation in the EU

We are fortunate to be the receiver of 2 significant government grants, made available by the European Union and managed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These grants have enabled us to drive impactful projects forward.

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